FairPool Ethereum Classic mining pool

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● Realtime stats
● Smart variable diff (increasing your hashrate and profits)
● Single port 4444 for all mining protocols (Stratum, GetWork, EthereumStratum, Nicehash)
● Instant payouts
● Payouts include all block rewards (blocks, uncles, uncle inclusion, tx fees)
  • 11 Aug 2017 Implemented Audio and Desktop Notifications when a new block being found
  • 8 Aug 2017 Pool started

Ethereum Classic mining server details


Dual-Mining Ethereum Classic with PascalLite

Download the latest Claymore's Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner (Windows/Linux) from the Official Bitcointalk thread
Fill the form below with your addresses for receiving payouts and use the command to start mining
Visit our PascalLite mining pool to monitor your PASL stats

EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool mine.etc.fairpool.xyz:4444 -ewal <YOUR_ETC_ADDRESS>.<WORKER_NAME> -epsw x -esm 3 -dcoin pasc -dpool mine.pasl.fairpool.xyz:4009 -dwal <YOUR_PASL_ACCOUNT>+<WORKER_NAME> -dpsw x

Mining with opensource sgminer-gm

Download the latest release from the github

sgminer -k ethash -o stratum+tcp://mine.etc.fairpool.xyz:4444 -u <YOUR_ETC_ADDRESS>.<WORKER_NAME> -p x -X 1024 -w 192 -g 1

Mining with opensource ethminer (Genoil)

Download the latest release from the github

ethminer.exe -S mine.etc.fairpool.xyz:4444 -O <YOUR_ETC_ADDRESS>.<WORKER_NAME>:x -SC 2 -SP 2 -G